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Supporting Residents’ Mental Health During COVID-19
Join the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) and Deer Oaks, a long-term care psychology and psychiatry service, for a three-part webinar series intended to help you support your residents’ mental health during COVID-19. Each one-hour session will highlight strategies you can implement to help your residents cope with social isolation and loneliness, grief and loss, and symptoms of depression, anxiety and cognitive decline.

September 22: Reducing the Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness.
This session will provide education about the prevalence and impact of social isolation and loneliness. Deer Oaks will present comorbidities for loneliness, loneliness assessment measures and resident-centered strategies for reducing social isolation and loneliness.

October 13: Coping with Grief and Loss During COVID-19.
This session will address the impact and experience of grief during COVID-19, including the loss of loved ones, the loss of the life we knew and the uncertain future. Deer Oaks will share ways to manage our experience of grief, identify how this experience manifests in different ways with different people and identify personal and collective strategies to facilitate healing for your peers, your residents and your community.

October 27: Caring for Residents Experiencing Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety or Cognitive Decline
This session will offer resident-centered strategies nursing home leaders and care staff can implement to identify the risk factors for and prevalence of depression, anxiety, trauma history and related cognitive status changes among residents. Deer Oaks will also provide resident-centered responses care staff can use with those experiencing symptoms and behaviors indicative of these conditions. Comorbidities and the interconnection of emotional well-being to residents’ overall health outcomes will also be discussed.

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