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Office Hours: Quality Improvement Principles for Infection Prevention
Join Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN) for an office hours series to learn how to apply quality improvement principles to your infection control and prevention program. These sessions will provide you with turnkey resources and tools to address gaps and drive improvement. You will have an opportunity to ask a panel of nurses, infection preventionists and quality improvement professionals questions. These sessions will support survey readiness as well as help you be responsive to identified opportunities, survey deficiency and CMS enhanced enforcement actions.

7/14/20 - Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Facilities have worked hard to assess their infection control programs. But do you know the reason for the gaps or breakdowns in your program? We will share the HQIN QAPI RCA resource, which compliments the CMS QAPI RCA Guide.

7/28/20 - Infection Prevention Action Plans
Once you complete the RCA process, then you must develop a plan of action. We will share the HQIN Infection Prevention Action Plan Templates. These templates compliment the CDC Infection Control Assessment tool. We will provide you with a template for key categories of improvement, i.e., hand hygiene, surveillance, environmental hygiene, etc.

8/11/20 - Data Collection and Analysis
Once your plan is implemented, how do you know if it’s working? HQIN will share data collection tools to help you track and trend your improvement related to hand hygiene, terminal cleaning and PPE.

8/25/20 - QAPI: Everyone has a Role and a Responsibility
It takes a team to ensure improvement is made and sustained. HQIN will discuss how to engage your team in the quality improvement process in order to hardwire systems, change behavior, reduce gaps and to improve care and compliance.
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