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MDPQC Maternal Hypertension Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Katie Richards, she/her
Thank you for joining today! We are recording and will share the recording following today's session.
Rhoda Raji
how do patients who already have BP cuff integrate with this initiative?
Tracy Keith
What if patients have no prenatal care, or no health insurance, will they qualify for homehealth at no cost?
Rhoda Raji
If Optum not covered by patient's insurance do patients default to monitoring option A? Who does Optum reach out to if there are clinical concerns? Pracice, MDMOM designee? if pt having optum f/u, do they NOT go home with BP cuff? are they NOT expected to monitor their own BP? How oftem would Optum follow up?
Rhoda Raji
For J.Tarver: how assessing compatibility with hospital's EMR prior to launch? Interfacing with hospital IT teams in advance?
Tracy Keith
How much would patients be responsible to pay?
Rhoda Raji
For D. Kale: Do you have info re: patient compliance? If pt is being contacted by phone, what happens if she doesn't answer? what's the typical turnaround time between receiving Optum order and patient starting care?
Rhoda Raji
can you share the planned metrics?
Joanne Olaku
For Option A monitoring, could you explain/discuss how to end the B/P tracking after the postpartum period ends?
Meighan Mary
EMR Integration is optional
Katie Richards, she/her
We are recording this session and will share, so if you need to drop off you will have access to the answers to these questions.
Rhoda Raji
logistically, if awaiting Optum verification, initiation, can we proved with BP cuff? if develops severe BP and risks out of Optum surveillance, can they get a BP cuff through Americle?
Rhoda Raji
thank you for your collaboration in making this infrastructure accessible on a state leve
Katie Mattingly
Do we have a service agreement we are able to review with our leadership team? They have been in agreement to our collaborative participation, but have been hesitant with telehealth services due to our newly opened MFM center and services offered there. I know this is a different concept and monitoring, but want time to review with them.
Nancy McAlduff
Thank you!
Kendra Ellison
Thanks for this program. THis is exciting
Sarah Clifford
👏Thank you!